The concepts are diverse: more home office, more freedom, better work-life balance, sponsored relocations or a free e-bike. Companies want to recruit skilled workers to meet the urgent demand. Markus Skergeth, founder and managing director of Skilltree, sees this as a problem: “With the current measures, the internal resources in companies are simply overlooked. Special skills can hardly be developed – are often not even known to the employer. According to our calculations, at least 30 percent of the shortage of skilled workers can be avoided,” says the software developer. He and his team bring employees and employers together on a software platform – a kind of “Facebook for skills” without the need for self-expression, as is usually the case with a social network. Skilltree is a skill management software – employees maintain their knowledge and skills together with the company, and in case of need – i.e. when putting together teams or distributing tasks – specific searches can be made.

Employees are more than a CV

“Companies still often have a very position-related and thus one-sided perspective. Knowledge from private life, due to special interests or previous tasks and professions – hidden skills such as foreign languages, special personal focuses in software programming and much more – hardly come into play. Sometimes colleagues know these interests – but rarely the superiors,” Skergeth continues. Employees are more than a resume – they are the pillar of the company. So instead of investing enormous resources in headhunting, companies can first capture the skills in-house. The increased awareness also ensures more satisfaction among the employees – because Skilltree puts the employee in the foreground, also in the active maintenance of his or her competence profile. In addition, there is the possibility of internal training, which can be accomplished without the cost-intensive use of external consultants or trainers. “Existing employees are a valuable asset and often leave the company because they do not feel perceived holistically. This effect can be minimized through efficient skill management, and other employees can benefit concretely from the shared knowledge of individual colleagues or share their own training requests via Skilltree,” explains Markus Skergeth from Skilltree.

Competence and career management

Existing software solutions for skill management are based on an outdated model of competency management and place the HR department in the responsibility of data quality. “We deliberately take the opposite path and focus on the employee, who manages his own competence account and can also plan his personal development in the company,” says Skilltree boss Markus Skergeth. This means that the data is more up-to-date and is maintained more motivated – skill management becomes an integral part of the corporate culture. In addition, there is the unique usability of Skilltree, which works mainly via a gamification approach. Excel files and other complicated and outdated management solutions are thus superfluous, while the shortage of skilled workers is efficiently equalized and employees are motivated to actively contribute all competencies.

About Skilltree

Skilltree is a European human resources software for successful competence management between companies and employees and helps to reduce the shortage of skilled workers through internal resources and training. Skilltree provides an overview of all competencies of the individual employees in the organization – the most valuable asset of a company. As with a search engine, the necessary prerequisites can be searched for in order to plan teams. The employees are active in maintaining their own profiles and training wishes and gain appreciation in the company. In this way, Skilltree helps to bring together competencies and needs in the shortest possible time.


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