The edu-tech startup chabaDoo, has developed a fun and flexible solution to efficiently structure and deliver learning content digitally. In this blog, features of chabaDoo are summarized and the solution is presented.

How does chabaDoo work?

Learning units are structured in,so-called chabaDoo honeycombs which can be flexibly strung together in their own learning tracks. After creation, these can be adapted at any time or integrated into other learning tracks.

The structure of chabaDoo learning tracks was designed by e-learning experts and aims at preparing and consuming content in a playful way and in the overall context. Together with interactive exercises, this helps learners to understand and permanently memorize the content. This has even been scientifically confirmed.

Chabadoo honeycombs and

The cloud-based LMS makes it possible to store files in different ways. Content can be flexibly created or linked. The design of the learning content is therefore limitless and covers almost all requirements.


Due to its high usability and compatibility with any Lenmanagement goals, we at Skilltree love to work with the Chabadoo solution. Its playful approach complements beautifully with Skilltree’s gamification approaches.. . Moreover, the two startups share a common understanding on learning and the needs of a skill-based organization.

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