Skill management for employees: Together for your future

As an employee, you benefit from work that is tailored exactly to you. You have the chance to learn new things throughout your career.

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Projects conform to you.

With Skilltree you will be involved in projects according to your strengths. You can take on parts that suit you and then jump to other projects where you can play to your strengths again or challenge yourself by trying something new. This allows you to show a whole new side of yourself that may open some new doors.

projects conform to you
Learn new things

Always learn new things

Know-how is everything these days. With Skilltree, you show what interests you have and in which areas you would like to further educate yourself. Once you acquired a certificate, Skilltree automatically reminds you when it expires. This way, you always stay up to date.

Integration into career planning

If you share your strengths and interests within Skilltree, they can be taken into account much faster. This gives your career a springboard to develop in new directions. Waiting for further training is a thing of the past!

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Skilltree can do even more

icon direct exchange

Direct exchange

Learn directly from experienced colleagues. You find them directly in Skilltree without having to take long detours.

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More transparent decisions

Skilltree makes it possible to track promotions objectively. This ensures more fairness and a more equitable working environment.

icon internal networking

Internal networking

Get in touch with colleagues who have a similar skill set. This way, you can learn from each other and support each other.

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