Skill management for human resource employees: Cumbersome processes made easy

The competencies of your employees are independently recorded in a database. You no longer have to keep tables by hand and can see which competencies your organisation has.

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Save time, save nerves

Lengthy Excel spreadsheets have been taking up far too much of your working time. The same applies to the search for a replacement when someone is absent. Both are annoying – and both don’t have to be! Our talent management software is managed directly by employees and team leaders. This frees you from the unnecessary effort.

team decentralised management
skill analysis

All skills at a glance

Understanding which competencies are needed within your organisation is a complex task. With Skilltree, you can instantly see the entire skillset of your organisation. This way, you know immediately who fits which project and which training makes sense. If there are competence gaps, you can fill them in a targeted manner. It has never been easier.

Making staff changes fluent

The staff changes, but the performance remains the same. This is possible thanks to Skilltree. Newcomers will find experienced colleagues in our talent management software and can immediately exchange ideas with them. It doesn’t have to stay that way: Appointments during the lunch break (so-called “lunch dates”) are also possible without further ado.

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Skilltree can do even more

icon succession planning

Succession planning

In the case of vacancies, Skilltree tells you immediately whether the right person is available in-house or whether further training is required.

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With Skilltree, your employees find a mentor who can answer their questions.

icon onboarding


Because you can pinpoint your company’s skills with Skilltree, you always know what you’re looking for during onboarding.

icon plan further training

Plan further training

Because you are always aware of the interests of your employees, you can ideally coordinate further training.

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Taking young talent with us

Trainees are not forgotten either. You can integrate all necessary processes and plans into Skilltree and collect feedback.

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