Skill management for managers: Enthusiastic employees stay with you

Filling a vacancy costs an average of €14,900*. With Skilltree, you retain your employees in the long term and ensure that they never want to leave.

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Motivate and retain employees

Skilltree not only captures your employees’ knowledge but also their interests. This allows you to assign them to positions according to their strengths. Those who work on projects that they like will automatically be more motivated. Your employees are absorbed in their work and you benefit from their increased productivity.

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Uncover hidden skills

It is no secret that know-how is more important than ever. Skilltree gives you a complete insight into the competencies and skills that exist in your company. This brings to light hidden talents that can be harnessed for the company. Also, external consultants are not necessary in many cases.

Ensuring equal opportunities

A healthy working environment requires the equality of opportunities for everyone. New career opportunities must be equally available to all employees. Skilltree evaluates the skill set of your employees and helps you to make objective promotion proposals, which are verifiable and comparable for everyone.

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Skilltree can do even more

icon compensate for staff absences

Compensate for staff absences

Thanks to the comprehensive profiles that are created for your employees in Skilltree, you can find a suitable replacement at short notice in the event of absences.

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Avoid skill bottlenecks

Skilltree recognizes when certain skills are only mastered by individuals. These skills can be passed on to a replacement long before an absence occurs.


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Find experts

If special skills are required for a project, Skilltree immediately tells you who has them – or who is only one training course away from mastering them.


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