“The bottlenecks on the labour market are increasing,” warn trade associations emphatically. A study reveals what the reverse side of the skills shortage and the war of talent looks like. 250 HR managers and executives from a wide variety of industrial companies in Germany and Austria were surveyed: “While companies are very clear about the skills a new employee should have, their own existing employee is a rather unknown being,” analyses Markus Skergeth, publisher of the study “Industriereport Fachkräftemangel 2022” and Managing Director of Skilltree. Only six percent of bosses know between 75 and 100 percent of an employee’s skills, 28 percent between 50 and 75 percent – and another 37 percent only between 25 and 50 percent. 20 percent only know a maximum of a quarter of all skills of an employee. “It’s terrifying. While HR departments carry out profiling and spend tens of thousands of euros on external headhunters, their own employees obviously only get value again when they want to change companies and the red carpet is rolled out at the competitor,” says Skergeth.

Parship for employee skills

The study shows what Skergeth and his team use as the basis for their business model: getting employees and the company to know each other. With a software platform, both parties come together – employees can maintain and supplement their own skills in the database, and managers can match talents and technical skills with the upcoming projects and tasks in a much more targeted manner. “Basically, we have applied intelligent mechanisms that have been used on singles exchanges for a long time to the labour market. But instead of character traits, we use the professional qualities to make the matching,” explains Markus Skergeth from Skilltree. In fact, according to the study, the bosses do not even know all the previous knowledge that an employee brings with him from a previous job: Only just under 30 percent know this approximately, 31 percent have only a selective knowledge of skills from previous jobs and for 16 percent the history of an employee is completely unknown.

HR planning with obstacles

To make matters worse in companies, different departments and functions are responsible for setting up and assembling project teams: For 24 percent of the 250 company representatives surveyed, responsibility lies with the HR department, with 38 percent with the team leaders – and only 22 percent decide team management and HR together. “Such decisions – the competence-based setup of powerful teams – must be clearly regulated and structured internally. This requires a basis that must not gather dust in file folders like a CV. We are closing this gap with Skilltree,” explains software entrepreneur Markus Skergeth. A pleasant side effect for companies that already rely on Skilltree’s software-based solution: The churn of dissatisfied and underchallenged employees is significantly reduced. “The interest in leaving a company is often driven by the subjective feeling of lack of appreciation. However, if employers and employees jointly cultivate the skillset and the desired skills, use internal training and thus face the shortage of skilled workers from within, the satisfaction of individual employees also grows,” says the analysis by study editor Skergeth.

About Skilltree

Skilltree is a European human resources software for successful competency management between companies and employees and helps to reduce the shortage of skilled workers through internal resources and training. Skilltree provides an overview of all competencies of the individual employees in the organization – the most valuable asset of a company. A search engine can be used to search for the necessary prerequisites for planning teams. The employees are actively participating in maintaining their own profiles and training wishes and thus gain appreciation in the company. In this way, Skilltree helps to bring together competencies and needs in the shortest possible time.


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