The situation on the labour market is becoming increasingly precarious – there is a shortage of qualified specialists. This is also confirmed by 73 percent of 250 surveyed companies from a wide range of industries in the Dach region: The shortage will continue to worsen, according to figures from the “Industry Report Shortage of Skilled Workers 2022”. As a result, 72 percent of companies only manage a limited number of projects – and have to reject everything beyond that. “Many employers have been tempted to overlook internal employee resources by hunting for external professionals. Instead of knowing the individual skills and using them specifically for in-house training, the HR departments concentrate only externally,” explains study publisher Markus Skergeth and Managing Director of Skilltree. His company tackles this problem and helps employers and employees to get to know skills and match them with tasks and projects. In this way, the shortage of skilled workers can be quickly alleviated – because up to 30 percent of the missing skills are already available in the company, without it being known to the decision-makers.

Previous Jobs: Unknown

For example, only 18 percent of current employers know the complete career background of their employees – nearly 50 percent, however, don’t know the career background at all or not with every employee. “While professional experience is still important in the application phase, it begins to blur from the start – new employees are more likely to be ‘aligned’ in onboarding instead of making good use of the skills learned in previous jobs,” Markus Skergeth continues. A software-supported skill analysis, on the other hand, allows optimal management of resources – and often opens up potential in employees that has so far remained hidden from team leaders and managers. “Our solution closes a significant gap that we have seen in numerous projects in companies. Human resources exist not only on the job market – but above all in your own company,” explains the Skilltree boss. More than 50 percent of the 250 study participants surveyed do not use a database to record employee knowledge – 30 percent at least sporadically, less than ten percent use a comprehensive solution for skill management.

Special talents remain untapped

Even more drastic is the ignorance of some employers when it comes to special knowledge and skills such as Foreign languages: Less than 20 percent of companies motivate their employees to contribute such achievements and talents – 45 percent, however, hardly or not at all. “Our skill matching motivates employees and ensures greater satisfaction through greater visibility. This means that part of the shortage of skilled workers can easily be resolved,” adds Markus Skergeth. The 250 company representatives surveyed from the management floors therefore strongly agree with the need for a solution for skill management: 69 percent see the development of a skills and competence database as an opportunity to alleviate the shortage of skilled workers through internal forces. According to the “Industry Report Shortage of Skilled Workers 2022”, this is associated with drastic savings in recruitment: 30 percent of respondents consider savings of up to 25 percent possible, another 27 percent even between 25 and 50 percent.

About Skilltree

Skilltree is a European human resources software for successful competency management between companies and employees and helps to reduce the shortage of skilled workers through internal resources and training. Skilltree provides an overview of all competencies of the individual employees in the organization – the most valuable asset of a company. As with a search engine, the necessary prerequisites can be searched for in order to plan teams. The employees are actively participating in maintaining their own profiles and training wishes and thus gain appreciation in the company. In this way, Skilltree helps to bring together competencies and needs in the shortest possible time.


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