Skill management for team leaders: Staffing every project correctly

With Skilltree, you always have the right experts at hand. With the appropriate training, you can ensure that you never run out of them.

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Build your team

Teams in the professional world are much like in sports: Each position should be filled by the most appropriate person. With Skilltree, you can select from all employees those who suits you best. You can either create a new team from scratch or integrate certain employees only temporarily.

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Feedback and development discussions

As employees continuously share their interests via Skilltree, you get a good picture that you can integrate into important conversations with them. Together you develop goals, which are visible in Skilltree. This ensures long-term development. It’s also a huge morale boost: Your team notices that they are constantly evolving.

Manage certificates

Skilltree stores certificates from training courses in a central database. This gives you an overview of your team’s skills and allows you to plan refreshers before certificates expire. Skilltree reminds you automatically, so you have more time for your work.

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Skilltree can do even more

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Confirm skills

Before sensitive skills can be unlocked, they must be confirmed first.

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Discover new skills

With the special skills that Skilltree holds, you have completely new possibilities to work on customer projects.

Discover everything else Skilltree can help you with

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