Our mission?

“Giving everyone the opportunity to work on what he/she loves and is best at.”

Growing tree

Right people – right tasks

Our vision with Skilltree is to help organizations find and develop the right people internally for the right tasks. The age of assembly line work is behind us. Successful companies rely on a partnership with their employees to grow together.

Lifelong learning

We want to promote lifelong learning and thus not only help companies to deploy their employees more agilely, but also to create an awareness for development and growth . Work today should not be a necessary evil, but fulfilling and meaningful.

Team culture

Growth is something very important for companies. But financial growth can too easily become the main goal. When we talk about growth, we talk about personal and human growth.
We grow together as a team and support each other in achieving personal goals. As a young and manageable company, we have the opportunity to help each other and to take account of each other.

Support Ukraine

We are proud to count on our partners and colleagues in Ukraine for years. The technical development of Skilltree is continuously supported by highly qualified team members from Ukraine. Long and reliable partners remain, wars of aggression pass.

The founding team

The idea for Skilltree was born in 2017 during our studies. As part of our professional practices, we worked in various large companies and made the same discovery; 90% of the skills we learned during our studies, as well as in private projects, were unknown to our employer. We were only able to bring a very small set of necessary skills into our work. Our colleagues felt the same way. Most of their skills lay dormant, unrecognized. The worst part? This caused deep frustration, especially among experienced colleagues.

How can we make this untapped potential visible and thus make work more varied and appreciative? With this question, all four founders met for the first time in the summer of 2018 at an alpine hut in Carinthia and jointly designed the concept for Skilltree.

Viktor Ienlykov

Co-Founder, Lead Development Magician


Simon Löwy, MA

Co-Founder, Head of Marketing & Sales

Tel: +43 (0)316 231279 – 2

Markus Skergeth, BSc.

Co-Founder, Chief-Everything-Officer

Tel: +43 (0)316 231279-4

DI Sebastian Wanke

Co-Founder, Chief-Faxing-Officer

Tel: +43 (0)316 231279 – 1

Want to grow with us?

Are you interested in working in a young and dynamic team by learning new skills every day? In an ambitious team where your voice counts and others count on you? Then write us your unsolicited application and maybe your skills are the perfect fit for our team.