Our responsibility

As a young team, we think about tomorrow and the future we want to live in. We are aware of the influence of our actions and ensure that we act in the best interests of our environment and society.

It is our future and it is up to us to shape it.

Responsible Research and Innovation

Algorithmic systems based on artificial intelligence and machine learning take over tasks that were previously reserved for humans. Algorithms are increasingly making decisions about people that are difficult to understand. This can lead to discrimination and the violation of the rights of those affected.

To prevent these risks, we have committed ourselves to ethical monitoring, which consists of external and internal regulatory measures.

Read more in our statement on ethical monitoring.



Economics with a future perspective

“Bim me ham Scotty”

Although most of us own a car, we have committed ourselves to the usage of public transport whenever possible. Whether on the way to work, visiting customers or commuting between Vienna and Graz, we do not switch to the car without any particular reasons.

Please copy

Even though we are a modern and digital business, we also use quite a lot of paper. As you would expect, we use recycled paper. Double-sided copying is also standard for us. And if we accidentally print out one page too many, we use it as a notepad.

No to corruption

In our office, the only envelopes that are pushed across the table are greeting cards.
We reject corruption and believe that if your product is good enough, there is no need to help it along.

Equal Skill = Equal Pay

We are committed to ensuring that all our employees, regardless of gender or ethnicity, are paid equally according to their qualifications. We believe that every employee deserves to be fairly rewarded for their work and skills.