Tips for implementation

by Apr 11, 2022Competence Management

In this chapter, you’ll learn practical tips for implementing competency management. We will address these questions in the next three articles.

In this chapter, you will find helpful tips which should be considered in competence management or skill management. In particular, the following topics will be discussed:

5 tips for successful skill management

Why is regular recording of competencies important? What is the best way to implement this regularity? Who is responsible for this?

At this point, you have already reached the last section of the competence management guide. With the following tips, you can take your competence management game to the next level. We would like to thank you for your interest and hope that you were able to learn something new or refresh old knowledge. 🤓


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Nadja Weinzettl

Digital Marketing Managerin bei Skilltree. Neben Marketing bezogenen Themen zählen Skill Management und Personalentwicklung zu ihren Interessen.

Skill management in human resource development

Skill management is a sub-area of human resource development. Many human resource development tasks cannot be realised without skills management. This article describes the role of skills management in human resource development.Human resource development definition...

Career planning

Um Mitarbeitenden eine Job-Perspektive in der Organisation geben zu können und aufzuzeigen, welche Qualifikationen für eine Beförderung benötigt werden, bedarf es einer Definition von Stellenprofilen und Karriereschritten. Dies kann durch die Laufbahnplanung...

The Skill Catalog

Why do we need a skills catalogue? An SME usually has a large number of employees with different qualifications. Both the areas of activity and the training and experience levels can differ greatly. In order to be able to structure what competencies employees have or...

Why is competence management important?

What are the benefits of skills management in an organisation? What benefits of skills or competence management can be attributed to the individual stakeholders? Yes, why is competence management important? These questions are answered in this article.Content...

Continuing education and training planning

Lernen ist wie Rudern gegen den Strom. Sobald man aufhört, treibt man zurück. Dies gilt auch für Wissen in Organisationen. Wissen oder Methoden von Arbeitsschritten verändern sich konstant. Um als Unternehmen wettbewerbsfähig zu bleiben, bedarf es einer konstanten...

Skill Matrix Excel Template

Some organizations start with their skill management in Excel. This can bring some advantages but also disadvantages. To help you get started quickly with a Skill Matrix in Excel, we have provided an Excel template for download.This Excel matrix is also called a...

Practical implementation of competence management

This chapter is about the practical implementation of competence management. Hacks on topics related to skill management and skill matrices will be shown. Furthermore, various skill management systems are explained and topics on further education and training are...

Skill Management Systems vs. Excel

Skill Managementsysteme sind verschieden und nicht immer kompatibel. Durch die beiden Artikel zu Skill Management in Excel und Professionelle Skill Managementsysteme wurde schon einiges an Basiswissen zu verschiedenen Systemen im Skill Management erläutert. Doch nun...

5 tips for successful skill management

In many companies, skills management or competency management does not always bring the expected success. Skill management often fails again and again due to the same problems. For example, contrary to expectations, no further training measures can be taken, or hidden...

What is competency management?

Whether in recruiting, talent management, or knowledge management - the management of competencies contributes significantly to the company's success and is often seen as an investment in the future. But what exactly is competence management? What are the tasks of...
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